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New patented valve concept to avoid fluid backflows. A clever&simple energy-free safety device.

In twenty years, I have seen many loss and damages to environment caused by faulty backflow devices. I invested “all my energy” on this topic and I found a clever anti backflow valve. In two words : I would say that it’s a LOW TECH device, based on JUGAAD philosophy: “make more with the lowest impact on environment and resources”. If you speak French you can have a look at the TEDx conf, sorry it’s only available in French : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef-59jJHoBM.

You can also have a look at one article published by the magazine VALVE WORLD http://www.valve-world.net/editorial/about-valve-world-magazine.html, the reference world technical press in the field of “fluids & valves”. With this article you will have a quick but detailed overview of the project (what, who, when, why, where and how) in two pages... But you can also have a look on my linkedin profile. The capital increase was a success and now the company is growing with few partners in the field of valve and innovation. The idea is to push a first product to the market to deal with industrial losses and pollution and also to increase renown. We are convinced that many users ignore this concept, normal it’s brand new and quite unknown. Once this concept will be understood and shared, it will be used in many fields such as Hydrogen storage for vehicles, water networks, Pharmaceutical & Agrofood networks, energy storage in general… We still cannot imagine in which field this concept could be used regarding it’s SMART properties: Simple Maintenance Friendly, Affordable, Reliable and Timely to market. It’s the only energy-free reliable anti backflow device. The concept is apparently very simple but it really take time to understand its intrinsic properties and to imagine how to use it and what are its advantages. We want to share the concept in order for all users to take a little time to analyse if this device could help them to solve problems... A prototype was produced and tested (photo joined). We are now launching studies for the industrial first units. Before the end of this year we will produce the first industrial units and we will share videos and documentation to help people understand the concept.




If your are looking for a new concept of valve: anti-backflow or self closing valve. Take a minute to have a look...

We plan to produce the first units of anti-backflow device for : hydrogene, oxygene & nitrogen industrial networks before the end of this year. But we would like to share the concept with innovators looking for alternative solution in the field of automotive (hygrogene or compressed air), water networks, gazes in bottle, gaz or liquid transportation, HVAC fluids, all sensitive fluids in general... To investigate new potential applications. Since the capital increase, the company is available with its partners to study any project involving fluid management. We really would like to investigate with valve manufacturers, producers or end-users in the field of fluids (gazes, &liquids) several identified potential application of this clever concept.

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