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00187 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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Giovanni Maria De Lisi



  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

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Greenrail S.r.l.

Innovative and eco-sustainable railway sleepers made of concrete, recycled plastic and rubber from End-of-Life Tyres.

Greenrail is an Italian company, which has designed and patented a revolutionary, eco-sustainable railway sleeper. It consists of an inner core in concrete, and an outer shell obtained from a unique mix of recycled plastic and rubber collected from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs). Such innovative sleeper's composition allows the company to reuse up to 35 tons of these urban waste materials per each kilometer of a railway, ensuring numerous technical and economical advantages such as: reduction of vibration and noise levels, increase of sleeper's lifespan, and lower maintenance costs of railways. In addition, Greenrail is the only railway sleeper able to incorporate various smart systems in its structure. The company is currently conducting R&D activities under EU's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 programme for development of Greenrail Solar, able to harvest solar energy thanks to its PV panels, and Greenrail LinkBox, which will use the harvested energy to feed systems for safety and telecommunication data.

Company Greenrail S.r.l.

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Sustainable railway sleeper

Innovative and sustainable railway sleepers, which improve the technical performance of railway infrastructure, contribute to waste management, and are able to produce clean energy.
Solution Label March 2019 Solution