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Multimodal urban deliveries road-river-road in swap body dry and frigo. An innovating service with a single interlocutor, a single price and a flood safety plan included, for the distribution, e-commerce, building finishes and dry waste.

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Founders marc BAZENET
Headquarters 93500 Pantin, France
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GSM is a French company that caters to retailers and e-commerce in major cities crossed by rivers that provide an ecological alternative to trucking for delivery to stores and customers, in line with current municipal environmental policies. GSM has developed a unique, functional offer, “the last kilometer transport” using inland waterways, at iso-cost with trucking. Developed over 5 years on the Cluster for Urban Logistics Project Paris, commissioned by the chamber of commerce and the city administration to determine and test modal reporting solutions. Implemented by the members of the cluster and validated by all institutional actors of the sector, our promise is to meet delivery deadlines and access dense areas with high CSR performance. The logistics sector in Europe, and more specifically in urban areas, has undergone major changes in recent years that are driving its actors to find new solutions. Signs must therefore find new delivery solutions, which are proving to be increasingly expensive. In this context, the use of inland waterways transport is becoming increasingly interesting. The market of multimodal urban deliveries using inland waterways for the last km has great potential. Out of 64 European agglomerations with more than 100,000 inhabitants in 12 countries, this market represents around €1 billion. The quality of GSM project generates very positive feed back from shippers, and opportunities for framework contracts covering significant volumes. The number of brand consultations has taken off in 2019 and allows GSM, which achieved a turnover (Logistics studies) of €106k in 2018, to plan a rapid growth, with a pipeline provided of projects ready to launch. Thanks to its 20m3 swap body, GSM carries the goods from a warehouse on the outskirts of the city, to shops and e-commerce customers in the city center. The main obstacle to intermodal delivery is the cost of modal shifts. GSM has developed a patented multimodal body that’s leads to divide it by 3. Contrary to conventional river bodies and containers, this box is adaptable to all modes of transport in the chain: the Freycinet river boats standard for fluvial, and all trucks 44T payload down to 7.5T for pre and post-transport. The decision to launch the activity is triggered by very encouraging initial results and the negotiation of the first orders in progress with leading brands.
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Headquarters 93500 Pantin, France

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