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1207 Geneva, Switzerland

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Denis von der Weid




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Fondation Antenna

Antenna engages in research and dissemination of technologies to meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged groups

Antenna’s objectives are to reduce extreme poverty and improve public health in developing countries through scientific research. It supports the autonomy of local people. In collaboration with an international network of scientists, Antenna undertakes and participates in research projects in the fields of nutrition, clean energy, drinking water, agriculture, medicine and in technologies to meet basic needs. After testing selected technologies in the field, we develop implementation methods and training programmes to facilitate take-up. Our approach is based on the creation of sustainable economic models to guarantee long-term dissemination of our technologies. Antenna therefore markets some of its research products at a price appropriate to the purchasing power of the target group and reinvests the profits in its programmes.

Labelled solution

WATA™ technology

Devices to locally produce sodium hypochlorite for water treatment and disinfection purposes

A range of electro-chlorination devices that require only salt, water and a source of energy (grid or solar) to produce active chlorine for remote and rural areas.