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EnerKite GmbH

We bring to market dependable clean energy everywhere, cheaper than coal, flexible as diesel.

ENERKITE brings to the market the next generation renewables, flexible as diesel generators, cheaper than coal. Our fully automated, portable and scalable kites, harness abundant and stable high-altitude winds. Artificial Intelligence, drone technology and precision robotics enable a revolution in renewables. A unique team of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and industry experts will deliver this game changing technology. STAGE: Our EK30 demonstrator managed hundreds of operational hours at several sites in three EU countries including 72 h autonomous flights in summer and winter and a 1000 launches and landings. Confirmed by one of our partners and pilot costumers (large french utility), EnerKite is one of the most promising technologies from techno-economical comparative analysis. Recently we secured €5M of funding incl. winning the H2020 SME phase 2 grant. NEEDS: We are looking for another €6M in terms of long-term strategic partnerships with global industry player as supplier for key components and assembly and a strong financial contributions by partners sharing the vision of a carbonless future based on breakthrough technologies in order to secure product development, industrialization and market launch of the EK 200, our first commercial product. OPPORTUNITY: “The team has the motivation and technical capacity. Raising private funding has also been demonstrated as well as the ability to integrate senior executives into the team. The commercialization strategy is sound, with proven early pilots financed by the customers. The financial projections and planning are realistic. Due to the high demand of the off-grid market, the time is right for this innovation. The application of the technology will be disruptive and create a new market category.” (Investment Experts from the EU Jury Late 2018) SOLUTION: We replace the towers and foundations of wind turbines by thethers and a powerful and reliable software. EnerKitess are designed to enable baseload capable renewables. Container based and fully automated wind-storage solutions work stand-alone and replace up to 95% of diesel at only 20% of the cost. EnerKítes at megawatt scale allow cost of electricity below 3 ct/kWh. MARKET: Mining consumes 11% of the global energy and this will increase with the raising demands coming from electrification and renewables. emobility e.g. charging infrastructure expects a CAGR of 47.9% to reach a volume of 135 GW installed in 2025. We have derived the total addressable market for EnerKíte at entry scale to be 13 GW p.a. equaling 130.000 units or 46 EUR bn p.a. We aim for 300 units sold in 2027 at least. Wind energy can power the world 100 times over. Only 4% of todays electricity is from wind. For utility scale wind we expect an addressable market size of at least 180 GW p.a.

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