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Enerbrain improves the financial productivity and comfort of your buildings without the need to modify any of your existing systems.

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Founder 2015
Company Size 40
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Founders Giuseppe Giordano - Filippo Ferraris - Marco Martellacci - Francesca Freyria
Headquarters 10132 Torino TO, Italia
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Enerbrain is a company specialized in the supply of solutions for energy management through an innovative combination of of plug and play devices that are easy to install and to use. With the Enerbrain solution, you get a significant energy savings and an increase in the level of indoor comfort. The company is present in Italy in the retail sector (shopping malls like Carrefour, airports like Ciampino Roma and Torino Caselle), Industry (Michelin, FCA) and Utilities (Iren, Engie, Edison, Enel X, A2A). With more than 200 installations Enerbrain is growing rapidly in several countries, with offices in Turin (ITA), Barcelona (Spain), Tokyo (Japan) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) through an international team of over 50 professionals.
Headquarters 10132 Torino TO, Italia

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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A plug & play solution for energy efficiency The Enerbrain system allows you to get the full efficiency out of your plants (whether they are new or older). The system is made up of these independent modules: 1) Customized monitoring: a monitoring system tailored to your needs sends the data to our cloud (wireless and battery-powered for environmental sensors, ad hoc network infrastructure for energy flows. 2) Artificial intelligence: the cloud receives the data and uses machine learning algorithms that process the best parameters of comfort and efficiency to be sent to the control units. The same algorithms process and analyze the production KPIs. 3) Dynamic automation: the control units regulate the existing system according to the customer's needs. 4) Remote control: it is possible to manage the whole real estate portfolio in real-time remotely thanks to the dashboard, designed for optimal user experience.

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