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Emrgy, Inc

Emrgy empowers our customers to generate on-site, clean and reliable energy from water already flowing through their system. Our robust, compact turbines can simply be placed into existing waterways to greatly offset power expenditures by generating at a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of $0.03-0.05/kWh.

Emrgy, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA based Small Business Enterprise (“SBE”) and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (“WBE”) that is pioneering a modular and compact approach to implementing new hydroelectric installations. The designs of Emrgy’s technologies are based on a standardized cost-effective approach that utilizes both proprietary designs in the turbine and drive train combined with readily available (i.e. off-the-shelf) components to deliver a complete water-to-wire system capable of capturing most of the untapped energy on your site. By harvesting the excess energy in water flows, Emrgy’s customers are able to utilize predictable energy production locally that can be used for on-site critical functions (pumps, backup power, control houses) and/or interconnect with the grid. ULTRA EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY Our system uses a novel twin-turbine design, proprietary magnetic gearbox, and optimized EmrgyFlume™ to deliver you a portable, modular, and reliable distributed energy solution. PROJECT OPTIMIZATION Our engineers perform customized resource assessments to determine the appropriate size, optimized spacing, and total number of units to install to maximize benefits for our customers. DEPLOYMENT STRATEGIES After site specification, our team coordinates with local experts to ensure a seamless installation and interconnection process without any modification to your site. Our Denver 10 * 10 kWh array video: