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Borderless charging.
The solution enabling electric car drivers to drive and charge the car anywhere in the world.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2010
Company Size 3
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Founders Xavi Cañadell, Jordi Rodriguez
Headquarters 08005 Barcelona, Spain
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About - the international portal for electric vehicles - is online since 2009. Covering newest state of the art technologies like ISO 15118 (car/charge point authentication), RFID, NFC, App control, credit card authentication, linking the users of all nations to communicate and interchange information Electromaps is accelerating EVolution represented already in 18 nations of the world with the help of freelancers working for the company.

Xavi Cañadell CEO, Jordi Rodriguez CTO and Rafael de Mestre CSO are the triumvirate of Electromaps. Born in the region of Barcelona and in contact with electric cars since 2009 all three are putting their experiences into one company to accelerate EVolution with the aim to minimize to impact of the climate change. Rafael de Mestre - always on the road with his EV (400.000km driven EV experience) to connect to CPOs and companies having the same aim - already circumnavigated the globe twice ( collects the information to permanently improve the EV supporting systems at Electromaps to the global state of the art technology.

We deliver
- an international EV driver billing system
- support in the rollout of EV infrastructure
- national and global consulting
- a free of charge management platform to connect charge point operators
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Headquarters 08005 Barcelona, Spain

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Clean Water and
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Offers from Electromaps

Other products

The first ship is already making business transporting goods from Europe to America and back. The ship where the finishing is expected in 2019 will be able to transport up to 16 electric cars or goods. The promotion will be done in the frame of the around the world rally 80edays which is taking place every 4 years since 2012. Anyone wanting to transport goods emission free overseas is welcome to contacting us.

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Imagine a world without borders, where everyone could travel with his emission free electric vehicle simply charging it everywhere. We connect any charge point provider for free to our system where he also can manage his charge points, doesn't matter if he has just one or thousands to manage. We handle the users to be billed in any part of the world the way the provider is defining it and assure with our multilingual system the easy way to charge the car anywhere in the world any time.

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The most convenient way to charge an electric car is where you stay long time. So charging the car where you are sleeping is the goal and hotels are the beneficiaries which are providing their guests a parking slot with a socket. Chargehotels is giving hotels the charge station for free if they give the parking slot to us for free. We manage - the payment of the electricity bill - the payment of the installation of the charge station compatible to all EV brands - the payment of the charge station (can be more than one) - the operation of the charge station - the billing of the guest. Any hotel or hotel chain is welcome. Investors needed to be able to grow faster.

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