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La Majahua Ecological Park, CARRETERA EL LENCERO, La Tinaja, Ver., Mexico

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Eduardo Creixell Ordorica & Miguel Creixell Vargas



  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure



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Eco Biosis SA de CV

A Social, Ecological, Profitable and Sustainable organization that transform pollutants into products that nurture life

Clean Water is an invaluable resource, unfortunately we undervalue it, over exploit it, and contaminate it.. In Mexico around 90% of Vinasse are disposed in our rivers, which affects the health of our communities and the life of the aquafauna. The Vinasse is a by product of the distilleries and is a liquid substance that is harmful to our environment and is very difficult to treat. At Eco Biosis we have developed a process that transform the Vinasse into a product named Bio Dispersis that is used as an organic additive and has multiple applications in different industries.

Company Eco Biosis SA de CV

Labelled solution

Recycle vinasse, a polluting residue from the alcohol industry, into organic additives for concrete

Highly water pollutant and difficult to dispose of, Bio DisperSis allows vinasse to be transformed for use as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to lignosulfonates used in concrete production.
Solution Label July 2018 Solution