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eBikeLabs builds the connected brain for ebike fleets - the eBikeLabs vehicle controller.

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Founder 2015
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Founders Mael Bosson
Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France
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eBikeLabs mission is to accelerate the adoption of shared electric bicycles into cities. Because we believe that ebikes are the best solution to mobility demands - they are fast, for everyone, they are good for the environment and health. To achieve our mission we work with mobility operators and cities and we help them to create reliable, sustainable and profitable ebike sharing fleets. How? At eBikeLabs we build the connected brain for ebike fleets. It turns affordable electric bicycles into enjoyable, theft-proof, low-maintenance fleet vehicles. Our platform can automate maintenance, battery life management, anti theft actions and optimize rider safety. Our goal is to reduce operational expense of ebike fleet for global massification.
Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France

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The eBikeLabs platform rely on a vehicle control unit to sense, infer and act (embedded intelligence) and on the cloud to learn. The platform can automate maintenance, battery life management, anti theft actions and optimize rider safety. 1. Protect capital investments with reliable anti theft system: eBikeLabs electronic motor locking system replaces the hardware locks and it locks the wheel of the ebike using the motor itself. Since the system is embedded into the motor, the only practical way to bypass the lock is to destroy parts of the drive system, which will make the electric bicycle inoperative. The anti theft system protects the battery against theft and it can be controlled remotely. 2. Reduce operational costs with optimized maintenance: extensive maintenance makes it easier than ever to take care of each e-bike of the fleet. Predict failures before than occur. Cure them using 1 min remote diagnosis of all electrical parts with step-by-step repair guide. Prevent parts from excessive wear. With our platform mobility operator can also replace hardware components with algorithms: pedaling torque sensor, odometer, motor position, temperature. 3. Increase customer loyalty by enabling safe and enjoyable rides: eBikeLabs safety technologies allow to keep riders safe and happy. Remotely set acceleration and speed limit in geographic areas or reinforce global thresholds. Prevent riders from reaching excessive speed thanks to regenerative speed control. Progressive assistance automatically adjusts to the human pedal power and ensures smooth ride. Over-the-air firmware updates allows to conform with city regulations and implement new features in a matter of minutes.

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