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e-Cassini is a 100% web platform in Saas mode to manage all types of georeferenced data (orthophoto,lidar data,sig,...).

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Founders Patrick MAÏORE
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e-CASSINI was born out of 30 years of practice in collecting indoors and outdoors of what we now call georeferenced data. The original purpose was to produce plans. With BIM, the digital model, 3D point clouds, requests have evolved faster than software solutions to meet them. Although digital twins, interoperability, collaborative work, data exchanges are at the heart of many debates, no software solution has hitherto provided an efficient global response. Faced with the lack of a solution, e-CASSINI was born in March 2017, from a blank sheet, following a fundraiser in “love money” from local industrial investors totally foreign to the business sectors concerned. . The design of e-CASSINI is based on: • on independence from cloud solutions, • the creation of a disruptive software offer compared to the current market offer, the e-CASSINI offer is 100% cloud, connectable and interoperable with any cloud and any other software. The freedom and independence of the user is thus preserved and encouraged. • The association of any type of geolocated data (point clouds, video, photos, orthophotos, vector plans, GIS, etc.) The connection and use of all available geolocated open data • the promotion of the "e-CASSINI Partenaires" network, independent data producers who guarantee a renewed referral offer. Connectivity and Interoperability are at the heart of the design of e-CASSINI. • 100% cloud solution in Saas mode, your Database can be stored in the cloud of your choice or stored on dedicated physical servers. • The Database is designed to be used by any PC, tablet, smartphone, chrome book ... without any particular resource in terms of memory and graphic interface. • Connectivity and interoperability with the main GIS formats • Connectivity and interoperability with the main CAD formats • Connectivity and interoperability with the main formats on the market • Connectivity and interoperability with any software whether it is "desktop", "tablet" or "cloud" The e-Cassini solution contributes to the development of the following three main activity sectors: Construction 4.0 The integration of digital into traditional construction trades, the use of digital on construction sites and in delivered works represent major challenges. Industrial challenges • life-cycle modeling • piloting • operation and maintenance • supply chain organization (factories, workshops, construction sites) • improvement of quality, productivity, operational efficiency Commercial issues • acceleration of interfaces between partners, providers and customers • improvement of existing offers and development of new offers and new uses • creation of digital twins to increase the digital value of services • increased use value for end users • improvement of quality, productivity, operational efficiency Immobilier as a Service Buildings, public space and associated services are therefore interoperable and connected, enriching usage data and environmental data in order to constitute digital twins carrying new services. e-CASSINI encourages the massive production of reliable, traceable data, guaranteed in terms of precision and completeness so as to share “As Built” digital twins. e-Cassini is an interoperable platform that makes data available in shared repositories. The digital twin is a virtual 3D representation of an environment. Modeled in 3D, your assets are stored in e-CASSINI Cloud to ensure secure sharing with your employees or providers. All data formats can be stored on this Cloud for use in immersion in "project" and / or maintenance phases. e-Cassini supports you in building, storing, using and updating your “As Built” repository. Smart Infrastructure e-CASSINI offers operational services in the implementation of Smart Infrastructures, the heart of the public service missions of local authorities and driving the competitiveness of companies that operate large networks. Many use cases illustrate the contribution of e-CASSINI for Smart Infrastructures . The "e-Cassini Partners" network is the only global response on a National Territory of everyday practitioners, anchored in the Territories, who are developing new offers and new uses at the heart of Smart Infrastructure issues. Sharing and Mutualising georeferenced data is the vocation of e-Cassini with five main objectives: - Save money at all levels (companies, local authorities, etc.) in collecting this type of resource - Democratize access to this data and avoid it being held by categorical monopolies - Democratize the exploitation of this data to free yourself from the dependence of the rare software publishers (all of global size) - Democratize the production of this data and prevent it from being held by global monopolies - Develop technical and technological solutions to ensure the updating of this data everywhere in the world. To democratize the production, e-CASSINI is also developing an “e-CASSINI Business Partners” network to encourage independent production generating new offers and new uses based on the concepts of guarantee, certification, traceability and prior updates essential to the use IA. The members of the “e-CASSINI Business Partners” network are everyday practitioners rooted in the regions, they illustrate the economic strength of the territories and the innovative capacity of the “short circuits”. The first network of partners was created in France in November 2018. The objective is to develop this type of network in all countries where this is possible. At the same time, e-Cassini created a rental service for lidar sensors to encourage this type of production of georeferenced data. In addition to the "e-Cassini Business Partners" network, e-Cassini has developed the MarketPlace offer. MarketPlace allows any producer of georeferenced data to publish it to make it directly and easily accessible to any potential user. Develop technical and technological solutions through the « e-Cassini Technological Partners ». Since January 2019, e-Cassini has developed the “e-Cassini Technological Partners” network. Technological Partners develop innovative solutions, around the exploitation of georeferenced data, connectable to the e-Cassini application (augmented reality, virtual reality, digital photogrammetry, route analysis, automatic recognition, development of artificial intelligence, etc. …). Since June 2020 e-Cassini has been developing the network of "e-Cassini partner software publishers". This network is made up of software solutions publishers (desktop and cloud) who wish to use the power of the e-Cassini solution to boost their own solutions on the cloud. e-Cassini provides them with its API tutorial which contains the description and instructions for use of all the e-Cassini APIs. Three experiments are currently underway in France, but e-Cassini can be used worldwide. Since July 2020 e-Cassini has been developing an OpenData module dedicated to geolocated data, making it possible to illustrate the daily interest in the pooling of this type of data. Disruption, innovation and transition make up the fuel for e-CASSINI, and we encourage any additional innovation to plug into our solution.
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Headquarters 49300 Cholet, France

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