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dhp technology is an award winning start-up in the energy sector which received the Swiss sustainability prize Prix Eco 2016 and the Watt d'Or Prize 2019 for its innovative solution Horizon. Our vision is to provide a contemporary energy supply that meets the requirements of the environment, society and the economy alike.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2015
Company Size 20
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Founders Andreas Huegli, Gian Andri Diem
Headquarters 7205 Zizers, Schweiz
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dhp technology AG


HORIZON is a worldwide unparalleled retractable folding solar roof that can be utilized in already commercially exploited spaces such as parking lots, storage and logistics facilities, as it enables the production of solar power through dual usage. The dual usage of spaces preserves resources and allows for the production of solar power where it is needed most. The folding roof automatically avoids poor weather and retracts itself into a central garage. Due to this protective function the retractable folding solar roof is aesthetic, lightweight and economical. Horizon has been designed with the future in mind as it can be integrated into current and future trends such as IoT, smart mobility and smart grids. Our solution provides a solution to the increasing densification of our living spaces and eases the competition amongst industry, housing, cropland, recreational spaces and energy production. Horizon is a disruptive technology and it has no direct competing solutions which can achieve a similar dual function in the target markets. The two main applications of the folding solar roof are parking-logistics areas and wastewater treatment plants. The customers are municipalities, energy providers or land operators. High self-consumption remains at the centre for both segments, as well as additional benefits such as shade for vehicles, brand image or the compatibility with electro mobility charging stations.
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Headquarters 7205 Zizers, Schweiz

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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Affordable and
Clean Energy
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Sustainable Cities
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THE COMPANY dhp technology is a Swiss start-up company active in the photovoltaics business. Our motto ENERGY FOR MANKIND reflects our vision for a contemporary, renewable and decentralised power supply. We challenge ourselves to think differently by prioritizing sustainability and creating value locally. Our solutions are profitable, reduce oil dependence and protect scarce resources. CREATING NEW MARKET SPACE FOR PHOTOVOLTAICS requires a different pattern of strategic thinking. We systematically pursue value innovation by looking across the conventionally defined boundaries of competition and we found unoccupied territory that represents a real breakthrough in value. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. dhp develops a solution for the dual function of already commercially exploited areas as a decentralised production site for renewable energy. HORIZON can be applied across large areas such as industrial infrastructures, parking lots or logistic facilities, without compromising the primary function of these areas. Thus, the folding solar roof system opens-up to a significant new application potential for PV in addition to its application on roofs. HORIZON (see video) is a worldwide unparalleled retractable folding solar roof (patent protected). HORIZON does not take up any space as it is mounted above areas already developed. HORIZON’s main innovation concept is the dual usage of spaces, which preserves resources and allows to produce solar power where it is needed most. Horizon has been designed with the future in mind as it can be integrated into current and future trends such as IoT, smart mobility and smart grids. The folding solar roof is designed to provide economical electricity production without subsidies, with the aim of achieving the highest possible decentralized energy production for self-consumption. Key to the innovation is the flexibility of the folding roof, which is achieved through the innovative design of a cable mechanism, a fully automatic climate control system and the use of non-glass solar modules. The HORIZON folding solar roof automatically avoids poor weather and retracts itself into a central garage. Key to the application in specific business cases is their extremely cost-effectiveness of installation since its lightweight construction consisting of supporting columns set wide apart at 17x25 meters. In addition, the height of five meters allows for unrestricted freedom of movement underneath the HORIZON roof. High operational safety and product longevity of 25 years also support the invention.

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