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49250 La Ménitré, France

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Marc-Antoine Luraschi, Floran Laville



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Cycle Farms

Cycle Farms transforms food waste into insect-based animal feed : we are the future of animal feed in Africa.

Cycle Farms has developed and patented technology to produce protein from Black Soldier fly larvae. This is a breakthrough because it allows for local protein production anywhere in the world. Cycle Farms collects vegetable byproducts – waste from farms, agro-processors and markets - and feeds it to BSF larvae. After two weeks the larvae are rich in protein and ready for harvest. Cycle Farms processes the larvae into an insect meal that is an ideal replacement for fish and soy meal in animal feed formulations. Cycle Farms is the only insect company to vertical integrate with animal feed production.

Company Cycle Farms

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Insect-based feed for West African tilapia farmers

By transforming organic waste into protein through a natural process, Cycle Farms is offering fish and poultry farmers the ability to cut down on the high costs of imported feed.
Solution Label April 2018 Solution

Cycle Mill

Offer Cycle Mill

Vertically integrated food waste processing, insect rearing and animal feed production.

Cycle Farms will bring insect-based animal feed production to Ghana with the CycleMill. The CycleMill is the world's first vertically integrated insect and granulated feed production system. Thanks to patented innovations Cycle Farms has mastered the entire process of insect and granulted feed production. A CycleMill will be built in Ghana in 2018, Feasability Studies and Licenses for the next CycleMills are available.

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Responsible consumption and production

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Agriculture and farming for food production, Circular economy of solid wastes, Primary resources management