Next-gen energy recovery turning non-recyclable waste into clean and affordable local power, heat and thermal cooling

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Founder 2008
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Founders Jan Grimbrandt, Wlodzimierz Blasiak
Headquarters 6776 Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
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BOSON ENERGY offers a future-proof 'first-mile' solution for waste. Distributed Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) that converts complex streams of mixed non-recyclable waste into local power, heat, or thermal cooling for direct local use. Where it is most needed, and when it is most needed. We work with local producers and owners of waste streams to treat waste locally – literally within the 'first mile'. We provide industry leading volume reduction and energy efficiency. 70-90% reduction of waste transportation by treating waste locally. By working with waste stream owners maximise the financial advantages of their resource - while minimising their environmental footprint. Offering waste elimination AND much needed local baseload energy. ATT solutions like BOSON’s are highly resilient and cost effective complements to other green energy technologies such as wind and solar. BOSON also reaches a uniquely low CAPEX per ton CO2e saved over lifecycle – and a larger scale rollout quickly aggregates to gigaton CO2e savings over lifecycle. Short animation about our first-mile concept here:
Headquarters 6776 Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

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BOSON ENERGY's clean energy recovery technology transforms non-recyclable waste into power, heat and greenhouse-gas-free thermal cooling for direct local use – without toxic residues or urban stress. Waste is produced everywhere and even the most ambitious circular economy scenarios, predict several hundred of million tons of non-recyclable waste produced all over the world. Dumping and landfilling that waste is no longer an acceptable option. And large scale incineration is struggling with increasing cost, toxic ash residues, stricter emission regulations and social resistance. And recycling needs support. In addition to recycling leftovers, wastes like medical waste and other hazardous wastes need destruction with minimal environmental impact and maximum capital and energy efficiency – also for developing markets to afford proper treatment preventing waste from leaking into cities, rivers and our oceans. We need a different solution. BOSON ENERGY has that solution. BOSON ENERGY's PAG process treats 8k TPA of medical or hazardous waste per year and 50-300 TPA of recycling refuse, C&D refuse, or Industrial & Commercial waste. With zero toxic ash and guaranteed compliance with any current and future emissions regulations. And lowest cost/ton in the industry. 99% volume reduction into a construction material glass slag | Zero ash residual | Maximum final energy efficiency | 70-90% reduction in waste transportation and land use | Less than half the treatment cost per ton compared to incineration | High project execution capacity with global execution partners

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