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Bio-X Global Pte Ltd

Bio-X Global Pte Ltd is a socially responsible company incorporated to apply biotechnology to develop, manufacture, distribute and market ecologically‐balanced and environmentally‐friendly crop‐protection, virus and pest‐control products and services. The products formulated are based on the best mix of cumulative knowhow and technologies around the world; both traditional herbal extracts and most advanced scientific chemical available. As such, the unique water‐based formulation is a very safe, highly effective and inconceivable broad‐spectrum all‐in‐one solution functioning as Insecticide, Insect Repellent, Fungicide, Disinfectant, Deodorizer and Plant‐Growth Enhancer. The application of these products and services are focus in 5 primary industry areas:‐ • Agriculture • Commercial Industry • Public Health • Animal Hygiene • Consumer

We produce the world only pesticide solution that is safe, green, water-based and multi-functional addressing Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Commercial Sanitation, Public Health and Consumer. In one test carried out on paddy cultivation in Malaysia by University Technology Petronas, our solution not only successfully replaced the use of harmful pesticide and fungicide, it also increased the paddy yield by more than 100%. The paper entitled "Application of Bio-Pesticides To Improve Paddy Yield - Malaysia" came out as 1st runner under Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge held in Germany. Our solution is also used by corporation such as Charoen Pokphand Thailand in swine and chicken rearing to control the insect pests and infections and the used of antibiotics in the farm. In public health, our water-based non-staining solution are sprayed inside the house on sofa, curtains, inside the cupboard, etc to provide long lasting residue effect on mosquitoes, flies, etc.