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World's first smart waste bin.

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Founder 2016
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Founders Jakub Luboński, Marcin Łotysz
Headquarters 62-069 Dąbrówka, Pologne
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Bin-e is a smart waste bin, designed for office spaces and smart buildings, enabling them to achieve efficiency in waste management and reach green strategy goals. It combines most advanced technology to simplify recycling and facilitate the transition to a circular economy.
Bin-e sorts and compresses the waste automatically, controls the fill level and processes data for convenient waste management. It recognizes the type of waste thanks to an AI-based system and sorts it to the relevant chamber.
You can follow the process of the recognition process and check the fill levels on the touchscreen. The collection service gets notified automatically when one of the bins inside is full.
Each device can be easily managed via an app that shows the fill level of each bin, real-time data and summary statistics. An integrated IoT-Platform provides valuable insights into waste management operations that can be used to optimize collection routes as well as save costs and labour of waste disposal.
Headquarters 62-069 Dąbrówka, Pologne

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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Bin-e is an IoT-based smart waste bin designed for office and public spaces. It is the only waste management solution worldwide that combines automatic sorting, compression, fill level control and data collection. It is a powerful tool on the path towards a sustainable, resource-efficient economy since it simplifies the recycling process, including the very first part of it – the people. Due to lack of knowledge and proper recycling infrastructure, a lot of waste ends up in the wrong container. Bin-e eliminates the human error by providing an automatic sorting mechanism that enables recycling without the need for users to perform any activity different from the traditional disposal of waste into a bin. The technology combines mechanical, electronic, and software elements with inclusion of artificial intelligence. The innovation consists of an unique automatic recognition of objects (which uses deep learning algorithms), an automatic sorting mechanism and a cloud-based IoT platform used for device management. Automatic compression reduces the waste volume, and therefore, the costs and frequency of waste disposal. Once any of the compartments of the bin is full, the sensors send notifications to the users and maintenance services via an app. It enables waste management companies the optimization of collection routes in order to save logistical costs, fuel costs as well as reduce time, labour and CO2 emissions. Optimized pick up schedules also allow to prevent bins from overfilling which remains a common issue in public spaces. Bin-e collects data about the objects. The data includes information on consumption patterns, which products and brands the users are consuming, in what time, and quantity. The real-time data and summary statistics, accessible through the IoT Platform, deliver valuable insights into waste operations and make up a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of waste management. Each device and a network of many devices can be easily managed through the app. Bin-e facilitates the transition to a resource efficient, climate-smart circular economy. It supports the increase in the recycling rate, higher rate of raw material recovery, and has a positive impact on decrease in landfilling. As for the urban environment, Bin-e is the best solution for introducing an effective recycling system in public spaces. It supports the idea of optimizing operations and infrastructure through data processing and IoT solutions.

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