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Effective, generic, software-based data centre energy measurement, management and reduction solutions.

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The enormous energy and environmental impact of the global date centre industry is reflected in the following statistics: • With average active I.T usage of only 15-20%, the world-wide date centre industry wastes so much energy that it could power New York twice over. • It over-provisions its computer requirements by €60 Billion/year and has a carbon footprint equivalent to the airline industry. The reason for these inefficiencies and economic waste is that despite the cutting-edge technology employed in servers and communication networks, data centre energy management is remarkably poor. Centres have limited visibility of energy consumption and have largely focused on continuity of service and security at the expense of energy efficiency. Beeyon’s Papillon technology is a generic, total software solution to data centre energy management. It installs in minutes on all server types and operating systems, is completely safe and secure and involves no downtime or retro-fitting. The energy usage and carbon footprint of business objects such as users, virtual machines, and services, as well as physical entities such as servers, routers and racks can be evaluated in terms of metrics and KPIs in a context relevant to each stakeholder in the management hierarchy. Furthermore, energy-saving actions are automatically identified and quantified. Such comprehensive analysis, enables all stakeholders to make strategic and operational decisions that are incisive and informed. Making Business sense for Data Centers.
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Headquarters Clonlea, Ballinteer, Dublin 16 D16 N9X0, Ireland

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The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label seeks to bridge the gap between ecology and economy, bringing together protection of the environment and financial viability to show that these solutions are not expensive fixes to problems, but rather opportunities for clean economic growth.

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The concept behind the European 1 Million Tonnes Campaign, is to enable and encourage groups of organisations with data centre and I.T facilities to take a more ambitious approach to reducing their energy consumption. The campaign target is the elimination of 1 million tonnes of CO2 per annum from data centre usage in Europe. A carbon reduction of this magnitude will also equate economically to operational and capital cost savings to industry in excess of €700 million/year. How achievable is this target ? It is estimated that 30% of Europe’s 3.7 million servers are comotosed (i.e. a server which exhibits less than 3% activity/year). If only 1 in 15 of these redundant servers are identified and de-commissioned then the target will be reached. Furthermore, Beeyon’s Papillon technology amongst its energy-saving capabilities, can easily locate these servers and quantify the savings to be made. The challenge has a solution. The campaign will be inaugurated in Q2, 2018 at a number of geographical centres throughout Europe. Companies will be affiliated to a designated centre and conduct a short, automated energy/performance audit on a relatively small sample of their IT assets using Papillon. Only 3 redundant servers in the sample will need to be identified to recoup the audit costs. The audit for each company will also indicate the full potential impacts and benefits that they may enjoy with a full Papillon energy management deployment. It is expected that many companies will install the full-enterprise version to maximise and extend the productivity gains and savings on all their I.T activity. From a commercial and CSR perspective there will be many benefits. Each geographical group of companies will form a community that will set targets towards the common European objective. They will be supported in their goal by the frequent exchange of practical information from their own and external communities, and through a number of technical and educational resources available on the Beeyon campaign website. The major aspects of the campaign are: 1. Companies joining the campaign are publicised on a campaign web-page. The carbon and energy reduction targets for the group are set appropriately according to their circumstances. The web-page publically advertises these companies as committed leaders in sustainability and will highlight their successes. 2. A success barometer will illustrate and quantify in everyday language the environmental and economic achievements on a weekly basis until the target is achieved. 3. Companies are assisted in reaching their individual targets by performing an audit of one month duration on a sample of up to 500 IT assets in their organisations. Energy-saving options automatically proposed by the Papillon system will direct and guide measures that will attain the targets. Companies will also have the option to audit one of their services (business objects) in terms of user-defined KPIs and metrics. 4. After a period of approximately one month from the time the proposed energy-saving actions have been implemented, a final audit is conducted to confirm savings and reductions. 5. The web-page will host content at a technical level, but also for management with responsibilities for business and service delivery, and the financial, operational and provisioning strategy of I.T resources. a. Course material: Green, Sustainable Data Centre Management. An Introduction. Provided by the Netherlands Open University. b. Benchmarking data such as power and performance on the latest server types. c. Open source management tools. d. Trends and developments in technology and standards. e. Latest tools available in partner companies. (Some of these tools will use the latest developments in data analytics and will employ the Big data sets produced by Papillon). f. Community contributions; Ideas, suggestions and case-studied submitted by participants. The campaign is a motivator and driving force for change, by the participants but also by companies and organisations who may not be fully aware of the economic and environmental benefits of effective data centre energy management. It is an aspiration that with the evidence generated by numerous case studies and details on best practice gained in the campaign, that the target will be exceeded as more companies realise the benefits and take action both in Europe and worldwide through a global movement.

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