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We have developed an ageing-aware energy management and a sizing/diagnostic software for Li-ion battery energy system

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2016
Company Size 4
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Founders Dr. Dimitri Torregrossa
Headquarters 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
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Aurora's Grid


Aurora's Grid had developed an ageing aware energy management (EMS) and sizing software for Li-ion Battery Energy System (BES). The EMS is able to: • Increase the renewable energy self-consumption up to 35%; • Reduce the ageing of the battery up to 40%; • Extend BES liftetime (years) up to 30%; • Increase benefits up to 30%; • Reduce the investment costs up to 30% • Provide Ancillary services (Primary Frequency Control, Secondary Frequency Control, Peak-Shaving...) with bettery ageing minimization; • Reduce power peaks up to 30%; • Reduce the CO2 foot-print of the battery up to 20%. The software couples deep electrochemical knowledge of Li-ion batteries, power grid constraints and machine learning forecast techniques. Aurora's Grid started experimental validation along with industrialization phase in three different location in Switzerland: a microgrid, a household and a district. The sizing software developed by Aurora’s Grid has the purpose of improving the quality of the sizing by implementing electrochemical ageing models of the battery The user can choose which revenue stream he's willing to prioritize (Self-consumption/PCR/SCR/Peak-Shacing/... The benefits (ROI, IRR, NPV...) and the ageing characteristic (State of Health, Capacity Fade, Resistance Increase,...) associated with the installation and the use of the BES are then computed for multiple BES size.Our diagnostic tool needs to receive current, voltage and eventually temperature measurement of the cell and it will compute SoH and estimate lifetime (full equivalent cycles) of the targeted battery with the specified operating conditions. Of course the lifetime expectation could be adapted for different services such as self-consumption, primary and secondary frequency control, peak shaving, load shifting, etc.
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Headquarters 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

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