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AirShaper is a Belgian startup offering automated online aerodynamics simulations.

AirShaper is an online aerodynamics platform for designers and engineers. Without simulation expertise, they can analyse and optimize the airflow around their digital 3D model. By removing both knowledge and cost barriers, the complex field of aerodynamics is made available to a larger group of users. Improving aerodynamics leads to higher efficiency in a number of ways: - Lower emissions: vehicles & airplanes reduce less fuel when the aerodynamic drag is reduced, leading to lower emissions. - Less noise: wind noise generation can be reduced substantially by streamlining an object of vehicle. - More comfort: optimizing the airflow around buildings reduces the intensity of wind gusts. - Lower forces: forces on objects, such as solar panels, can be reduced through aerodynamic optimization. AirShaper is a product of Zastrugi NV.

Company AirShaper

Aerodynamics simulation

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Simulation of the airflow around and wind forces on a virtual 3D model to analyse & optimize: - Performance & location of energy equipment (wind turbines, solar panels) - Efficiency of transportation (road transport, trucks, rail & water transport) for both fuel & battery powered solutions.

AirShaper offers automated aerodynamics simulations: - at predetermined prices & calculation times - without the need to buy hardware or software - all is performed in the cloud - experts on standby to assist you with (re)design - including automated reporting to share with colleagues & stakeholders This can be applied to various fields of engineering: - Solar energy: analyse the forces on solar panels - Wind energy: simulate the wind flow over complex terrains to determine the optimal location of your turbines - Transport: analyse & optimize the aerodynamic efficiency (drag coefficient) of your truck, boat, airplane or other form of transport. - Aviation: increase lift capacity and extend the range of your UAV or airfreight solution

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Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Clean energy production, Freight transportation

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