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Admiral Fluidics

Laminar discharge ship propellers that dramatically reduce fuel use targeting the commercial ship market with a 5, 2, and .8 mega watt equivalent models.

Admiral Fluidics has developed a breakthrough fluid motion technology that improves even upon biomimicry of the marine caudal fin. The technology consists of a proprietary blade, linkage and balancing technology that resolves numerous traditional propeller flaws. The blade/impeller eliminates cavitation by moderating the accelerated low-pressure environment on the “pull” side of the blade that produces cavitation. This breakthrough greatly reduces the power required to move the blade and refocuses that energy toward moving the flow in a laminar form in the desired direction. When added to our breakthrough linkage that reliably duplicates the movement of a caudal fin while accelerating the flow from any speed without interferance in the flow and the technology becomes even more remarkable. To improve even further we developed a counter vibration/deflection technology that eliminating the deflection forces that bring inefficiencies to the caudal model and we ended up with something that is truly a breakthrough. Using only two of these technologies, we are delivering over seventy percent improvement in performance as compared to a traditional rotating fluid moving technologies. Our Technology is called the SolidWater™ Propulsion System because traditional propellers create cavitation in water, creating bubbles, thus wasting huge amounts of energy and making the water unstable to push or pull upon. The SolidWater™ Device produces a laminar discharge and makes the propeller behave like it is pushing on a solid, giving it amazing traction.

Company Admiral Fluidics

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A ship propeller that is five times as efficient as traditional propellers that reduces fuel consumption.

SolidWater™ Ship Propeller delivers a laminar discharge and moves only the water necessary to move the ship.
Solution Label November 2019 Solution