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50196 La Muela, Zaragoza, Spain

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Alejandro del Amo



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Abora Solar

Abora has developed and manufactured the solar hybrid panel (PVT) with the most performance in the market.

Abora is the manufacturer of the most efficient hybrid solar panel on the market. But what really makes the Abora panel different is that shorter amortization periods are achieved (between 4 and 6 years). This makes the market not only the new construction, but also all existing buildings with high energy consumption have the possibility of integrating a renewable and profitable technology. For this reason, Abora's technology aims to accelerate the transition towards changing the energy model by betting on a product that, because it is profitable, attracts the market.


Abora Solar

The solar hybrid panel (aH60) is the one with most efficiency in the market and obtains the shortest payback periods.

A solar hybrid panel (PVT) is a solar panel which generates electricity and heat in one panel. This panel is designed to save the most energy as posible with the mínimum Surface. Consequently, is very suitable for those building where heat and electricity is consumed, as: hotels, nursing homes, hospitales, sport centers, swimming pools, etc. In general, to use this technology in a building allows you to recover the invesment between 4 and 7 years depending on several variables. That's why in its development, this technology has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Available in
Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Australia,

Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy

Sector of application
Clean energy production



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