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We create “low-CO2” technology standards

AAQIUS is a company specialising in the development, industrialisation and market deployment of innovative and disruptive “low-carbon” technology standards for the energy and mobility sector worldwide. Founded in 2006, AAQIUS has to-date successfully created three “low-CO2” technology solutions in the area of engine emissions controls (local pollutants, particulates, NOx after-treatment);  each solution has already become a global standard in the automotive industry. AAQIUS’ growth has been built on a unique “R & B” (Research and Business) model that combines strong technical expertise, disruptive innovations, and the ability to successfully develop these innovations into profitable businesses through the creation of technology standards on a global scale.  The deployment of these solutions requires that AAQIUS organise and structure long-term partnerships with all of the key players in the value-chain, universities, private/public research organisations, industrial companies, investors. In 2009 AAQIUS launched its internal development of a disruptive means of storing hydrogen safely and easily in order to accelerate the deployment of “zero-CO2” mobility. Protected by over 150 patents, the STOR-H technology enables the solid storage of hydrogen, at very low pressures, in safe easy-to-use cartridges that can be distributed in vending machines, thus eliminating the need for expensive and intrusive infrastructure.  STOR-H is rapidly becoming AAQIUS’ 4th global technology standard.

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A safe, easy-to-use hydrogen storage solution requiring minimal infrastructure to enable zero CO2 light urban mobility.

STOR-H is a hydrogen storage solution that distributes hydrogen cartridges through a distribution system of vending machines.
Solution Label June 2019 Solution