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22073 Fino Mornasco, Province of Como, Italy

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Niccolo Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti



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3Bee has designed Hive-Tech, an artificial intelligent IoT diagnostic and monitoring system able to collect important biological parameters inside the hive.

Merging electronic devices and biological analysis, 3Bee has designed an artificial intelligent IoT diagnostic and monitoring systems for farming animals in order to change the way in which they are managed, moving from chemical and antibiotic treatments to data driven solutions.

3Bee first focus has been bees, since they are the most important animal in the world. Their pollination activity is indispensable for the environment, biodiversity, and our life, but bees' population is constantly decreasing because of pesticides, pathogens, diseases, poor beehive management, poor diet, and climate changes.

It is completely energy self-sufficient and can be installed in every kind of hive. All the data collected by the sensors are sent to the cloud, where they are stored and analyzed. Artificial intelligence predictive algorithms allow early detection of diseases and anomalies, permitting prompt and focused interventions. Thus, treatments will be reduced, bee health safeguarded and the beehive management improved and optimized. The device is easily adapted to other livestock, such as pigs and broiler, in order to monitor their health status and tackle the ever growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

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IoT monitoring system for farm animals

3Bee Hive-Tech is an artificial intelligence IoT monitoring and diagnostic system for farming animals allowing a reduction in chemical and antibiotic treatments.
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3Bee Hive-Tech

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Hive-Tech is an Artificial Intelligent IoT diagnostic and monitoring system for farming animals

3Bee Hive-Tech is an Artificial Intelligent IoT diagnostic and monitoring system for farming animals that help farmers to better manage their livestock and to safeguard animal health, reducing chemical and antibiotic treatments. The device is equipped with specific sensors able to collect information about important biological parameters of the animals, such as temperature, weight, humidity, and sounds. All the data are then sent to 3Bee Cloud platform, where they are stored and analyzed. Thanks to the vast amount of data collected, AI predictive algorithms can early detect diseases and anomalies . Thus, prompt and focused interventions are made possible, permitting the farmers to halt damaging situations and to intervene only when necessary. In this way, farmers will reduce costs and will save their time, and animals will be better tended. Timely actions will help to preserve animal health status, reducing their mortality rate and treatments. 3Bee's final goal is to move from chemicals to data driven solutions in order to reduce antibiotic treatments. Hive-Tech can be installed in the main farming industries: pigs, broilers and even bees.

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