Solutions Guide for Scotland

Solutions Guide - November 01, 2021

Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) have identified over 1000 clean and profitable solutions that can be implemented today to address environmental challenges without compromising economic growth. They are now committed to going even further. By offering political and economic deci- sion-makers a Guide to Solutions that can be implemented on a large scale, the Foundation gives them the tools to establish roadmaps for the adoption of much more ambitious energy and environmental programs and thus achieve their sustainability objectives.

This report is a representative example of that effort. We have looked at the Scottish climate plan and identified a selection of technological solutions that could help the government, businesses and citizens to reach their environmental targets in alignment with their economic and social objectives, thereby improving citizens quality of life. We have organized this report in accordance with the Scottish Climate Change Plan Update 2018–2032: Securing a green recovery on a path to net-zero . Within these pages you will find over 200 solutions that can be imple- mented today and have been specifically selected to reduce Scotland’s environmental footprint and grow the economy. There are of course many more to be discovered through our website. The solutions we are putting forward within these pages are intended to demonstrate how much cleaner and efficient our society can be with the right technologies, services and products, and helps to indicate what is technically and financially possible if solu- tions such as these were to be deployed. This report and our online guide can help set the standard of what users should be looking for and what kind of benefits they can hope to see from their implementation.

  • Page 9: Introduction to the Report
  • Page 10: Our Methodology
  • Page 18: Electrification
  • Page 16: Electrification
  • Page 44: Buildings
  • Page 78: Transport
  • Page 108: Industry
  • Page 140: Waste & the Circular Economy
  • Page 162: Agriculture & Land Use
  • Page 176: Solar Impulse Labeled Solutions with activities in Scotland
  • Page 180: References
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Date November 01, 2021
Type Solutions Guide
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Authors Solar Impulse Foundation
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