Activity Report 2021

Activity Report - November 07, 2022

From reaching our objective of finding and labeling more than 1,000 clean, efficient, and profitable Solutions, and steadily growing this number ever since, to presenting our Solutions to government and business leaders, to launching the search-engine Solutions Explorer, to numerous partnerships built with public and private sector organizations: 2021 was successful, to say the least.

The one omnipotent solution does not exist, but the simple fact that so many solutions exist proves that we can reverse the trend and tangibly fight climate change. People must realize that the ecological transition can represent the biggest market opportunity of the century and our greatest shot at human progress if embraced by politicians, businesses, and the public alike.

  • Page 4: Words from Bertrand Piccard
  • Page 5: How it began
  • Page 7: Looking back
  • Page 18: 2021 Activities
  • Page 75: Collaborations
  • Page 80: Organization
  • Page 85: Team
  • Page 90: Finance
  • Page 94: Moving forward
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Date November 07, 2022
Type Activity Report
Authors Solar Impulse Foundation
Pages 95