Activity Report 2020

Activity Report - February 01, 2021

Clean, efficient and modern technologies can allow us to preserve our environment while also bringing economic prosperity and social well-being for all. It has been my vision for two decades, speaking of the economic opportunity of fighting climate change as I initiated the Solar Impulse project.

Since then, I have put my heart and soul into convincing decision- makers in business and government of the profitability of Solutions through conferences, private discussions, or opinion pieces. For this, I needed to bring the proof that ecology was really the greatest economic opportunity of the century. In the last 5 years, the Solar Impulse Foundation has established a process of selecting clean and profitable Solutions in start-ups and big companies across the world. Thanks to a group of over 350 independent Experts, these Solutions have been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label if they were credible, profitable and environmentally friendly. Today, with the support of our Partners, Experts and devoted team members, we have reached the ambitious milestone of identifying the first 1000+ Solutions which prove that protecting the environment is more profitable than destroying it. These 1000+ technologies, services and processes in the sectors of water, energy, construction, mobility, industry and agriculture are the tools that can help the governments and big corporations to reach the carbon neutrality goals they have announced without always knowing how to get there.

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  • Page 7: 1. About the Foundation
  • Page 22: 2. Collaborations
  • Page 31: 3. Solar Impulse Foundation Targets in 2020
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Date February 01, 2021
Type Activity Report
Authors Solar Impulse Foundation
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