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The Solar Impulse Foundation and its partner ADEO are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of clean and profitable solutions which make home a positive place to live.

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01. Definition

What is a positive home ?

A positive home is a healthy home, comfortable, that reflects who we are, where we feel good.

  • 1. It’s a home that takes care of its inhabitants, of the neighbours and of the environment.
  • 2. It is a high-efficient home which consumes few resources and produces energy.
  • 3. It’s a home where we live in safety, an evolving home that adapts to different situations throughout life.

02. Challenges

Main pillars of positive products

Safe for people and the planet

By developing the least harmful products for health and environment, by acting either on the composition, banishing or limiting controverted substances, focusing in particular on the indoor air quality, reducing packaging waste, etc.

Made from responsible and recycled resources

By reducing the extraction of new raw materials and by favoring the use of sustainable, natural, recycled resources at any time possible.

Produced responsibly

By accompanying workers, suppliers and their factories in order to support them, respect their living conditions while limiting their impact on the environment.

Made to last

By helping customers to keep and use their items longer, through a proper care, repair or other alternative solution. It reduces the need to permanently buy more new tools.

Bring sustainable functions and features

By saving energy and water, by reducing waste production when using the proper tools. By educating customers to choose products with less environmental & social footprint.

03. Benefits

Benefits of positive home


The buildings represent 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world (IPCC datas).
It is possible to reduce CO2 emissions

  • by prioritizing efforts to reduce consumption and reviewing our uses,
  • by developing innovative and efficient solutions for the building envelope (insulation and windows, doors),
  • by implementing solutions based on renewable energies


Housing, one of a family's priority expenses, can represent 20 to 30% of disposable income.
By choosing efficient solution based on their durability and efficiency can make the difference. Thanks to solar panels, smart insulation, aerothermal heating system, biomass etc., less energy and water resources are used and therefore it is economically beneficial.


The COVID crisis has demonstrated the social and patrimonial value of housing. The house, the apartment are the last refuge of the family.
Positive home helps improve the quality of life, the well-being and the comfort of inhabitants, it adapts to their needs and their evolution over the years.

04. Solutions

What type of solutions we are looking for?

Adeo's and Solar Impulse Foundation’s objective is to create homes that respect the needs of our planet, as well as those of its inhabitants, neighbours and the environment.

A positive home is safe and secure, uses few resources, and adapts to the different phases of our lives.

  • Eco-design
  • Energy savings & efficiency
  • New construction materials
  • Water savings
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Circular economy & waste valorisation
  • Logistics

05. Contribute

What can you do?

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06. Solutions references

Positive home solutions

Positive Home Solutions support the transition towards a more sustainable home, more cost-effective, healthier, more frugal.

The commitment is to be able to democratise these offers, to make them accessible at the best value for money, to produce functionalities of sustainable development, water and energy saving for example.

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