What are the benefits of becoming an Expert?

Your involvement as an Expert will allow you to get direct insight into recent innovations and the landscape of clean and profitable solutions that exist in your area of interest. If an Expert finds a solution of interest, the World Alliance will try to enable an introduction to the Solution’s provider. Being part of the Expert Community will also allow you to:

  • Receive invitations to attend high-level events;

  • Join an exclusive Community of Experts from all over the world;

  • Participate to Experts’ Challenge events and assess solutions in teams;

  • Access and evaluate exciting technologies in the cleantech sector;

  • Tailor your voluntary contribution and receive feedback;

  • Meet innovators and their solutions.

Lastly, you would be contributing to the achievement of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s ambitious challenge to identify and label  solutions to protect the environment and shape a cleaner future.

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