Young Green Tech 2019

Young Green Tech 2019


Young Green Tech (YGT) is an exchange program that empowers young creators and doers to address environmental challenges through scalable solutions and cleantech innovation.

Every year, YGT provides a select group of transformative green startups training from prestigious institutions, access to high net worth philanthropists and participation in tech-exchanges around the global. 

The top 20 projects entering the final have the opportunity to share a total of $150,000 (1,0000,000 CNY ) YGT 2019 Startup Fellowship. 

YGT 2019 Exchange Program includes 5 modules and 25+ startup training courses to prepare you with the essential skills. Our courses cover areas of management, product, and consumer, as well as financing, businesses growth and marketing. 

23+ A diverse group of mentors across categories and sectors will accompany you throughout the program, providing expert instructions on your project from designing the product and business model to marketing and financing. 

To become a YGT investor: