Springtij Forum

Springtij Forum


The ninth edition of the Springtij Forum takes place from 27 – 29 September 2018 on the Frysian island Terschelling.

The theme is ‘In search of a new balance’.

The Springtij programme is given shape based on the tidal concepts we call the Watershed or the Neap Tide. From one side of the watershed (dividing line) comes a flood of knowledge and warnings and from the other, renewal. These flows are evident throughout all of the sectors where Springtij has a presence and in all the themes we deal with. The economic, planetary and ecological systems, pressed to the limit to supply us with resources, food, raw materials, etc. are being exhausted, put under stress and “squeezed”. On the other side we have a compelling wave of innovators, frontrunners, and renewal.

Springtij is the only forum where these flows connect cohesively with the driving sectors of our society. No longer can we solve problems entirely on our own.