La mêlée numérique 2022

La mêlée numérique 2022


Created in 2000, La Mêlée Numérique is the oldest and most renowned digital meeting in France.

How can we make digital technology more efficient and responsible? This is the transversal question of the festival in 2022. Because we are well aware that if we are to continue to use digital technology, we must absolutely make it sustainable in order to reduce its environmental impact.

Under the patronage of Jean-Noël BARROT, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, this eclectic festival, coordinated by the association La Mêlée, brings together nearly twenty events over the course of a week.

The Solar Impulse Foundation is actively supporting this event and will participate in a pitch session, along with some labeled solutions. Moreover, the Foundation will speak at a round-table on cities in the context of the Solutions4Cities initiative.