Innovation Council: Meet with 20+ Multinational Industrial Companies

Innovation Council: Meet with 20+ Multinational Industrial Companies


The Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) will bring 20 Labeled Solutions providers to e-meet -via individual B2B sessions- the Chief Technology Innovation Officers and the Chief Innovation Officers of corporations that are member of The Conference Board (especially its Innovation Council and its CTIO Council members who meet 3 times a year to share best practices and discuss innovation issues). Those members include Nestle, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Covestro, Dow, Heineken, etc.

What's in it for you

The structure of the event, even if virtual, will give you time to showcase your Solution and share experiences with high-level decision-makers, ranging from Head of Innovation to Chief Technology Officers in multinational corporations (more info here). We will invite you for individual 20min meetings with all corporation representatives that have shown an interest for your solution. You will have 10min to present and 10min to answer questions. When you leave the room, another 10min will be dedicated to discussions among the corporations. Once the day is done, we will make sure that relevant introductions are made, in order for you to continue the discussions with the interested parties.

Eligibility criteria 

As most of those cleantech seekers are in the primary and secondary sectors (extraction, harvesting, construction, manufacturing, processing), only Solutions that are in the following fields are eligible: 

  • Circular Economy for the industrial sector; 

  • Renewable energies and Hydrogen for industrial processes;

  • Sustainable logistics;

  • Water and Wastewater management in industrial processes.

The final selection will be done by the Conference Board members.

If you haven't received your Efficient Solution Label yet, but that you already have experience in answering industrial environmental needs with your clean technology, please book a call with us.


13:30-13:50: Intro

13:50-14:30: Corporations Panel 

How we connected with the Foundation for the benefit of our clean technology strategy - 4 presentations, 10 min. each. Experiences and examples on how to leverage the value of 1000+ Efficient Solutions challenge: bring together multiple departments, benefit from the Solar Impulse community, ending with a presentation of a cleantech adoption business case, inviting if possible, the Solution provider.

14:30-15:00 : Solutions Panel 

How should corporations work with startups and scaleups with revolutionary sustainability solutions? Do’s and don’ts – in terms of strategic collaboration, IP and resources to accelerate the business of both more effectively. 

15:30-18:00 : B2B Speed-Meetings : 4 tracks run in parallel 
Conference Board members interested by the same subject connecting on one link per track; 5 Solution providers tackling this challenge invited to pitch one after another (30-minute meetings: 10min pitch, 10min Q&A, 10min discussions among corporations only).

  • Track 1: Circular economy for the industrial sector and in construction (incl. traceability of goods, valorization of waste and sustainable recycling of/alternatives to plastics)  

  • Track 2: Renewable energies and Hydrogen combustion for industrial processes (e.g. for melting process in glass production)

  • Track 3: Sustainable logistics and freight (incl. hydrogen for heavy vehicles)

  • Track 4: Water and wastewater management in industrial processes

18-18:10 : Conclusion - End of the event

Registration: Please register here by Sept. 10th