e-Workshop - IP Strategies for Cleantech Companies

e-Workshop - IP Strategies for Cleantech Companies


Working on innovative new services or products in the field of cleantech? The Solar Impulse Foundation invites you to join our IP Strategy Workshop. An exciting opportunity to learn from a top-notch legal expert, and explore your strategy with world-renowned universities.

For the labelled companies, this exclusive workshop will include specific training on IP strategies for cleantech solutions by a top lawyer and the possibility to take a deep-dive into your current strategy with renowned research universities. The event will feature one interactive workshop session and one informative session.

Part 1 of the event will consist of workshop between the companies and experts and researchers from the University of Cambridge, Lund University, the Indian Institute of Science (India), and HTW Berlin. 

For those attending the workshop, there will be an opportunity to further participate in the IPACST research project in a subsequent round. Participation in the research will give you a unique opportunity to revisit your company’s business model choices and IP strategies over time in order to reflect about what has worked (or not) in expanding your market share and enhancing your sustainability impact.

Part 2 of the event will consist of a presentation on ‘Sound IP Strategies For Cleantech Companies’ by Louis Carbonneau, Founder and CEO of Tangible IP. Louis has been named one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists for 9th consecutive years. He is also an IP attorney, a patent broker and a Venture Partner with a large cleantech only VC firm. This webinar will focus on best practices and creative strategies to minimize IP risks along the way while building a solid foundation that will increase both a company’s valuation and long-term prospects.

Who can join?

Participation is open to companies with an Efficient Solution Label. 

You may participate to one or both sessions.


Opportunities for participating companies

By attending this event you will have the chance to:

  • Learn from the top legal expert in IP and cleantech
  • Engage directly with researchers from world-renowned universities;
  • Get feedback on your IP strategy from aforementioned researchers
  • Benchmark your IP strategy with an analytical framework 

Date: November 12th 2020 at 17 - 19 p.m. CET.

Registration: following this link. Registration is open until 10 November 2020.

In order to have the opportunity to be selected for this event you need to have a solution with the Efficient Solutions Label. In case you would like to have more information how to get the label and what are the benefits, please contact Tanja Tanskanen at tanja.tanskanen@solarimpulse.com.


Additional information on the co-organizers

About Tangible IP

Tangible IP is a leading strategic IP Advisory firm. Our reputation stems from the high quality of our work, the depth of our network and our integrity representing clients. We are routinely retained by Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, investors and inventors to assist them in selling patent assets, acquiring assets or delivering offensive and defensive IP Strategies. Our goal is simple: obtain the best value for our clients and provide sound and actionable IP advice. 



About the IPACST Research Project

The IPACST project is a 3-year joint endeavour of researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK), Lund University (Sweden), the Indian Institute of Science (India), the Freie Universität of Berlin and the HTW Berlin (Germany). The purpose of IPACST is to enhance the understanding of Intellectual Property (IP) in relation to sustainable businesses, to create a bridge in the fields of sustainability and IP research, and advise stakeholders, such as inventors, business leaders, funding agencies and policymakers choose appropriate IP models that accelerate sustainability transitions.