BusinessIn Sustainable Foodtech

BusinessIn Sustainable Foodtech


Optimizing resources in the agrifood industry

New technologies and emerging innovations offer SME prospects for the future and for growth. In order for interested Swiss players to access this potential, Innosuisse supports the long-term Networking Event Series "Business in Sustainable Foodtech".

Sustainable food production is a major issue. The aim of this Networking Event Series taking place all over Switzerland for 4 years is to stimulate the innovation of actors along the value chain from food production to consumption, helping them to initiate technology-based innovation projects thanks to connections with R&D centers. Thus optimizing their processes, products and business models, contributing to their development while positively impacting the sustainability of the agri-food ecosystem.

Concrete results with measurable impacts and the creation of a community of interest are the added values that will motivate stakeholders to commit to the Innosuisse Innovation Booster “Swiss Food Ecosystems” program co-led by the Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research  under the umbrella of the Swiss Agro Food Leadinghouse. 

In addition, Innosuisse promotes connection with international players who can promote the business development of Swiss players.