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Zoov offers a sustainable e-bike share service. Our objective is to make our cities enjoyable places to live in by offering a sustainable, data-driven and scalable e-bike sharing solution, so that e-bikes become a leading mode of transportation.

We propose a service based on a 100% electric bike fleet that aims to offers a reliable solution for work-home commutes. Our company is built on a hardware-service-data triptyque where a high-end connected e-bike collects data that helps deliver a high quality service which insure a longer lifetime of the hardware. Our solution is sustainable at several level : - First, we wanted to build a service that does not generate negative externalities for the cities. We have developed a mixed parking solution that is as flexible as free-floating and as ordered as station based system - Second, we wanted to create a sustainable business model. Data help us optimize our operating costs to a level where our model is profitable without public funding or without raising billions of dollars in venture capital. - Third, our hardware is solid. We are not building disposable bikes that are destined to a bike cemetery within 3 months. Our e-bike is built for a 3-year lifetime and all its parts are reusable.