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XCHARGE is an HPC charging solution provider on a mission to empower any business with charging service ability.

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Founder 2015
Company Size 95
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Founders Rui Ding
Headquarters 中国北京市大兴区双羊路12号 邮政编码: 100023
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An electrified future has already been pictured and is unleashing new opportunities, as well as generating huge demand. XCHARGE is an innovative EV charging solution provider with a wide range of AC/DC/HPC products and industry-leading technologies, including V2G, load management and SaaS. Since 2015, XCHARGE has helped 300+ clients deploy 35,000+ chargers, dispensing 12+ GWh power per month to 120+ EV models in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Be with XCHARGE. Electrify our future together.
Headquarters 中国北京市大兴区双羊路12号 邮政编码: 100023

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Offers from XCHARGE

Other products

【 Visualized Communication 】 • 15-inch full-color HD screen displays the respective charging status for each EV plugged in • 2x150 RGB-LED lights allow users to view charging process from a distance or in a dark environment 【 Smart Power Distribution 】 • Dual power switching modules optimize the real-time output power from either plug • Smart and efficient power distribution to meet dynamic charging demand according to the number of vehicles, connection time, priority level, battery status, and other information 【 96% Power Conversion Efficiency 】 • Equipped with built-in power conversion module • Close to the physical limit and highest in the industry Low Energy Consumption vs. High Stability • Low standby power consumption at 1/3 of industry average • High stability with abnormal order rate lower than 5%

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