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Whooshh Innovations

Whooshh Innovations moves live fish safely and efficiently. Using innovative patented technology, Whooshh can safely move fish over dams large and small, sort for invasive species, or simply move fish efficiently around an aquaculture facility

At Whooshh Innovations, we’ve spent more than six years perfecting the system that has come to be nicknamed the Salmon Cannon™ – a proprietary system that depends on gentle pressure differentials to “whooshh” fish through a soft, flexible tube to their destination. Our technology is well-suited for salmonids, and works for a wide variety of other fish species and sizes as well. We offer both custom and turnkey solutions for most fish transport challenges, from seafood processing to fish passage and fish rescue. Our gentle transport systems are particularly suited to hatchery/broodstock operations as well as aquaculture—land-based and net pen. Whatever your situation, we can work directly with you or with your preferred engineering firm.