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Waterlife India Private Limited

Waterlife provides sustainable drinking water solution to the poorest of the poor in villages in India and Africa. We provide safe water to about 12 Million people in 4000 villages in India. We use Green and environmentally friendly technologies. We have been recognized by the World Bank, the G20, IFC as a company to have scaled up and inclusive business innovation. We have been mentioned by the World Bank President Mr Jim Kim as a company that has the potential to solve one of the critical SDGs globally.

Waterlife India Pvt Ltd. provides affordable and sustainable clean drinking water to under-served and challenging areas. The Company uses combination of green technologies to deliver clean water to remote, low income, rural, and urban communities in India.


Community Safe Drinking Water Systems

Offer Community Safe Drinking Water Systems

Waterlife provides sustainable safe drinking water solutions to the underserved people in villages and slums.

We implement Community Drinking Water systems in villages and slums to provide sustainable drinking water solutions to the underserved people in villages. The innovation consists of:- 1)Building high quality Water purification systems to clean water of all biological and chemical contamination 2) Take care of comprehensive Operation and Maintenance for long periods ranging from 7 to 15 years. This includes hiring operators from the village and creating a local service and quality team 3)Create a revenue stream for doing O&M, by charging users a small affordable user fee, typically less than US 10 cents for 20 litres of 5 gallons of safe water. IEC, awareness and education is a key component of the program to bring in change in behavior change – to move people away from contaminated water. We use green and environmentally friendly technologies. We have operations in India and Africa.

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Clean water and sanitation

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Water treatment, Water distribution and use