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2629 HN Delft, Netherlands

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Andreas Schmidt-Ott, Aaike van Vugt, Tobias Pfeiffer





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VSPARTICLE is a Delft University of Technology start-up part of Yes!Delft Labs that makes scientific research and industrial application of novel nano-engineered materials more efficient and accessible. We enable the production of sub-20nm nano particles and processing them into nano-structured materials with a unique, non-chemical technology.

Materials have always played an important role for humanity. Often they were a source for technological revolutions, giving rise to the stone age, the iron age and eventually the silicon age. These ages have always been linked to human ingenuity, by our increasing capability of enhancing the properties that these materials possess.  We are now entering the nano age. More than ever, we believe that as a company, we need to use our creativity and technologies for the right causes. We believe that bridging the gap between research and industry is key in exploiting the full potential of nanotechnology for the energy transition and circular metal economy. The main goals that we believe we can contribute to: 7. Affordable and Clean Energy: accelerating the energy transition by helping researchers and industry invent and apply novel materials that will greatly improve energy conversion and storage. 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: enabling sustainable and fair industrialization of nano engineered materials and working towards property based engineering. 12. Responsible Production and Consumption: ultra efficient use of metals, replacing rare metals with nano-engineered alternatives, safety & environment as key factors in material choice, design for recycling and recycling on the nano-scale.