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ViJi provides traceability solutions for all fashion actors to reveal the true story of a given fashion item.

The textile industry is starting a real period of change: - 49% of Millennials have left a brand because of a lack of ethics during the last twelve months. - For 50% of consumers, the lack of information is the main obstacle to buying a responsible fashion piece. - Brands are often helpless in the face of the complexity of their supply chain. This mutation creates new imperatives: - secure supply chains - Develop the customer / brand relationship - Initiate or confirm an eco-responsible positioning Faced with these imperatives, adapted tools are needed . Our vision is to help the brand to make their supply chain transparent from the origin of the raw materials up to distribution in order to give a reliable information with added value delivered to the consumers. How? By being a trusted third party, neutral, allowing brands to create a real leverage effect on their CSR initiatives: - structuration, - amplification, - Valuation into the consumer buying tunnel. Our System: Our web platform ViJiTrack collects, stores, secures and structures the CSR datas of brands and factories (up to 400 datas per product). A dashboard, ViJiControl helps brands and factories in taking their CSR decisions. 3 B to C tools allow the final consumer to have access to these information: - An app: ViJiApp. You Flash the barcode of a product to get the CSR info - A plug in on the brand’s websites: ViJiClic. You click on ViJi’ icon under the picture and get the CSR info - ViJi’s website: ViJiWeb. You have access to CSR info of the brands and the mapping of their suppliers. ViJi innovates in: - retrieving information directly from suppliers - proposing a system of geolocated photos to prove the good origin of the collected information - verifying the data by crossing information between all the actors in the chain (certification companies, inspection companies...) - securing these information - providing this information throughout the whole consumer’s purchasing act - analyzing consumer data to better understand their sensitivities to CSR issues



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ViJi offers to fashion brands solutions to collect, secure and communicate CSR data from their supply chain.

ViJi is a fashiontech and digital start-up offering a unique experience in identifying and presenting the origin of fashion products, textiles and personal equipment for brands and their consumers. ViJi is positioned as the first neutral and independent third-party, offering to: * Consumers: transparency through reliable information on the origin of products and the social and environmental conditions of their production. * Brands: the opportunity to better manage and secure the critical elements of their supply chain, while providing a digital solution to enrich their CSR approach and communicating more effectively with their consumers. Thanks to this solution we propose to the brands to: * Conquer new customers by: - Reinforcing consumer’s trust - Improving the brand image - Facilitating the transformation rate in omni-channel retail. * Secure their Supply Chain by: - Reinforcing their traceability * Predict consumer behaviour by: - Analyzing the collected data By doing so, we propose an innovative way to facilitate eco-responsible consumption and restore the ability to choose for the consumer.

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