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Vatorex provides a digital eco-system for beekeepers with innovative hive management tools and sustainable technology to manage life threatening parasites and diseases.

We rethought beekeeping from the ground up. Understanding the complex and often related problems in apiculture today, we started by addressing the treatment of the largest threat to beehives in a non-chemical way, the Varroa mite and the viruses it carries.
We then developed specific products and technologies that serve sustainable beekeeping, honey production and crop pollination in a holistic way. We combine over 50 years of deep apicultural knowledge with high-class technology. We are creating unique solutions to overcome honey bee losses and contribute to a vital agriculture.

The Vatorex-System enables the chemical-free Varroa treatment thanks to its fully automated thermal treatment. The Hive Manager is an app for every platform (Web, Android, iOS) you can use to store all your beekeeping data and use it everywhere you are.

Company Vatorex

Honey Bees: Chemical-free Varroa Treatment

Offer Honey Bees: Chemical-free Varroa Treatment

The Varroa mite is the biggest problem for honey bees. Vatorex uses a floor-heating for the chemical-free treatment.

Treat your beehives without chemicals, without effort
The Varroa mite is the main cause of the bees mortality and today it is treated mainly with chemicals. The Vatorex System uses the principle of the thermal treatment to kill the Varroa mites without the side effects of acids and acaricides. This method leads to:
- 95% Varroa get killed by one treatment
- significant 30% increased bee colony development
- more honey, more joy!

Automatic treatment = more free time and no effort
The Vatorex-System will treat your beehives automatically. Even if you are on vacation in the opposite part of the world, the system will treat the beehives for you and you can monitor it from the Hive Manager app.

No Chemicals = Healthy bees
You do not need anymore to be in danger using acids and you will have more free time for you!
Chemicals were, up to today, a necessary evil to treat the Varroa mites but:
- they are dangerous for the bees indeed they bring to more queen losses, to less developed colonies and to weaker bees.
- they are dependent on weather and they are time-consuming. You have to find your time and to be lucky to have the right weather conditions to treat.
- they can contaminate the honey and this is the reason why you need to treat after the honey collection.
With the Vatorex System you will not anymore debilitate your bees, you will not be any more worried about the right weather condition and you could treat your beehives while collecting honey.

Repeated treatment = less virus and no reinfestation
The Vatorex System will treat your beehives repeatedly, every 16 days, during all the beekeeping season. This means that you can maintain a low level of Varroa during all the year and so you will have less virus and a better colony development.
Moreover, reinfestation is often a hard problem to manage. You treated your beehives but your neighbour does it two weeks later. Your bees fly, come back in the beehives and you have again a high infestation of Varroa… or your bees could experience robbing from other colonies and Varroa is again a pain. Thanks to the repeated treatments this will be not anymore a problem.

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Categories of application
Responsible consumption and production

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Agriculture and farming for food production


Honey Bees: Easy Hive Management

Offer Honey Bees: Easy Hive Management

Beehives always at your fingertips
With the Hive Manager, you are always and everywhere in control of all your hives

Organization of the apiary
The apiary is, on one hand, the workplace of the beekeeper, on the other hand, the workplace of the bees. A stress-free beekeeping and thus a sustainable pollination and good honey production can be guaranteed only if the apiary is managed systematically and properly.

Digital beekeeping data platform
To simplify the daily life of beekeepers, the team of Vatorex has designed the Hive Manager. The application provides an important development in beekeeping thanks to a complete data collection. With hive-specific reminder features and statistics , the Hive Manager greatly supports beekeeping.

Successful beekeeping
With the Hive Manager, Vatorex facilitates the logistical and administrative work around the apiary. The app is even available offline or in places with poor reception due to the web and app connection.

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Categories of application
Responsible consumption and production

Sector of application
Agriculture and farming for food production

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