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Uravu Labs

Uravu is working on solving the water crisis. We are building an off-grid water sourcing system that is smart, connected and completely rethinks how we experience water

At Uravu, we are on a mission to imagine new ways to make human life sustainable and our communities responsive and resilient. We believe that 'water'​ is an industry which is ripe for innovation and needs breakthrough technologies to create a sustainable and better future for everyone. As a first step, we have developed a patent pending and award-winning 'aquapanel'​ technology which is totally off-grid and sources drinking water from thin air!
S.W.A.G is an 'aquapanel'​ which harvests water from the air just by utilizing the power of the Sun. Its based on our patent-pending solar adsorption reactor technology. Modular and scalable, it works efficiently even in dry and arid areas. We are on a quest to completely rethink how we experience water.

Company Uravu Labs