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NASA On Our Side Nothing says technology quite like the NASA. PRP® is the result of the innovative work by scientists

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NASA On Our Side Nothing says technology quite like the National Air and Space Association. United Remediation Technology is built around the spinoff technology from NASA. PRP® is the result of the innovative work by scientists at NASA and has been awarded the prestigious NASA Hall of Fame award. Nanotechnology allows the wax micro spheres to adsorb and degrade even the smallest particle of oil in water or on land. Universal Remediation Inc. is dedicated to supplying clients with innovative, eco-friendly, efficient solutions to industrial hydrocarbon pollution. We pride ourselves on providing proprietary remediation mechanisms, evolved from innovative NASA technology, that have a positive impact on the reduction of global hydrocarbon pollution. PRP® is the first and only microsphere developed by NASA and produced by United Remediation Technology, Inc. PRP® & OilBuster® oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum cleanup product applications for natural bioremediation PRP® (petroleum remediation product) and OilBuster® can be used for many oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon clean up applications such as oil or fuel spilled on land or ground, oil spills on shorelines, waterways or marinas, hydraulic fluid spills in industrial plants, shops or truck leaks, gasoline or fuel stormwater runoff, heating fuel oil in home storage tanks, railroad tracks & railroad ballasts, oil wells & oil fields, transformer vaults, maintenance facilities, vehicle roll-overs, marshes & wetlands, car washing or parking garage washing usage or any area where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, liquid petroleum or other hydrocarbon cleanup and remediation of oil spills, fuel spills and other hydrocarbon spill may be required. PRP® and OilBuster® are manufactured into products for many specific uses. Below is a list of some products and hydrocarbon cleanup applications. PRP® Petroleum Remediation Product: PRP® can be used on oil, fuel and other liquid hydrocarbon spill cleanup needs on land, water, marsh or swamp land, railroad ballast, soft soil or rocky land areas. BioBoom®: PRP® BioBoom® products are used to absorb, encapsulate and remediate oil, fuel or other liquid petroleum spills and/or leaks in stormwater applications, marinas, oil, gasoline or fuel spills, engine rooms, free floating hydrocarbons, underground vaults, lands areas containing pooled liquid petroleum products and other oil spill or fuel spill applications. BioSok: BioSok contains PRP® for absorption, encapsulation and bioremediation of fuel, gasoline or oil in boat bilges, tanks and stormwater applications, small pooled hydrocarbon spills and other applications. WellBoom™: WellBoom™ contains PRP powder and facilitates monitoring of groundwater by absorbing floating oil, fuel and/or liquid petroleum effectively and is less expensive than traditional bailing of wells.
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Headquarters Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

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