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Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Jack (Tato) Bigio, Yehuda Pearl, Christopher Sveen, & Rany Lev



  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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ubq materials

Advanced Waste Conversion Solution & Sustainable Materials Company

UBQ has developed an advanced waste conversion technology to produce sustainable bio-based materials as a substitute to conventional oil-based plastics. The breakthrough is within valorizing all food waste and organics, from banana peels to chicken bones, as well as other typically unrecycled materials, like dirty plastics or packaging, all present in the everyday waste we produce today – simply by living. Our closed-loop process effectively reduces this residual household waste into many of its more basic natural components. Where, at an almost molecular level, these natural components reconstitute themselves and bind together to form a new homogeneous composite with thermoplastic properties. UBQ Materials are upcycled composites which are sustainable, recyclable, and competitively priced for the marketplace today. They can be used to substitute conventional plastics within existing manufacturing systems without additional adaptation costs to make everyday familiar products industry produces today – just more sustainably. From Injection to compression molding through to extrusion, the UBQ Material has been tested and proven to be compatible with PP, PE, PLA, and PVC. UBQ strategically positions its solution towards the end of the waste hierarchy. By doing so, we ensure that all recyclable materials are, in fact, recycled appropriately to maintain their inherent resource value. UBQ then diverts the waste ‘no one wants’ from landfills, and possible illegal dumping, giving it value again. Our robust modular system can be adapted to virtually any scale addressing both micro / local needs through to state and even national levels depending on waste generation and material off take demand. As an innovative materials company, we seek to be part of the coalition that provides the missing link between waste disposal and new product manufacturing. Converting “waste” into commercially viable, valuable, and safe materials will allow industry to source and re-use wasted materials already in circulation rather than continue extracting our finite natural resources. Our solution has several advantages including our material being ±700% more environmentally friendly than conventional plastics available today. UBQ does have the potential to address the grossly underestimated impact of waste and growing need/demand for sustainable bio-based materials.

Company ubq materials

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Conversion of household waste into up-cycled bio-based materials

The UBQ technology is an advanced waste conversion technology to produce sustainable bio-based materials as a substitute to conventional oil-based plastics.
Solution Label August 2019 Solution