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74150 Massingy, France

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Flore Lacrouts-Cazenave et Ivan Lacrouts-Cazenave





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Touti Terre

Touti Terre develops innovative solutions, Toutilo cobot, addressed to vegetable farmers, by working earth in harmony.

All of us are eating more organic vegetables each year (+20% per year in Europe). Farmers need solutions to be more efficient and productive regarding this important evolution of organic vegetables consumption. Our solutions allow farmers to rebalance profitability of their activity : - by reducing physical pain of their work, - and by increasing Quantity and Quality of their production. For that, we propose Toutilo, an electric and ergonomic Cobot. It is composed of a material and software evolutive platform wich allows the collaboration between human and the ma-chine. Toutilo cobot is available in 1 or 2 seat with a very flexible piloting and a solar protection. It combines human ergonomy approach with robotics and mechatronics work. Toutilo is an electric toolholder machine with a new specific mechanical architecture opened on the earth, light and compact. It can be used in open-field and plastic tunnels farming, because it has non-polluting electric motors. Toutilo allows farmers : • to be focused on synchronised tasks without concern by piloting • and to care about their body postures and gestures It permits : • to optimize specific manual tasks that only human hands can do • and mechanize repetitive and hard tasks as o weeding o sowing o and planting. #Toutilo_cobot

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