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2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands

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Lara van Druten



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Responsible consumption and production



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The Waste Transformers

We empower local businesses & communities to upcyle their own organic waste and to generate green energy from it.On site

The waste is upcycled to new products. It happens on their own site, just with a Waste Transformer. A plug and play installation where waste becomes a source of income and green branding. We created a modular, plug-and-play system which runs within two days on your own site. No dirty diesel trucks anymore, and an own source of income from organic waste, a driver of positive change. The Waste Transformer is easy to operate, and we keep an eye on it online. We use the ancient technique of digesting and put it in an innovative and modern jacket to enable small-scale waste producers, such as hotels, harbours, communities and food producers to create value out of their own waste and share this story with the customers. A Waste Transformer reduces the costs of waste, enables companies to share their sustainable way of dealing with waste and it recovers valuable nutrients from the waste to regrow beautiful crops and vegs. The Waste Transformers has his main office in the Netherlands, and has projects on a global scale. Think about harbours, cruiseships, hotels, footbal stadiums, and food producers and plantations. If you are a producer of waste, ranging from 600kg to 3500 kg a day, drop us a message, and maybe you become a Waste Transformer as well.


A Waste Transformer on site?

Space left for a number of shipping containers? That could become your own Waste Transformer on site.

Having waste on site being picked up now and then by a dirty diesel truck? Ever thought of creating value out of your organic waste? A Waste Transformer is a modular system, which is adapted to the amount of waste available. Operating a Waste Transformer just needs the knowledge equivalent to a car mechanic. We do the hard by monitoring it online. The energy can be sold back to the grid, or you connect The Waste Transformer to your own building, to use the electricity or biogas and residual heat to reduce your energy bills. The upcycling of waste enables you to create a circular economy around waste streams. Let us know your specific situation and discuss if a Waste Transformer is a solution for you.

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Affordable and clean energy, Responsible consumption and production

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Clean energy production, Energy from waste, Circular economy of solid wastes