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The Solution to Pollution by Engineair Pty Ltd Australia

Engineair is focusing on the development of environmentally friendly and super efficient engine.

The rotary piston engine is an Engine that works with compressed air or refrigerant phase change materials. The objective with this idea is to implement vehicles that consume the minimum amount of energy to do an amount of work, in contrast to an internal combustion engine with its senseless idling at traffic lights;our engine has no need to do so. Furthermore an internal combustion engine in a vehicle requires acceleration around 600 to 1500 rpm to initiate movement to the vehicle, compared with Engineair’s motor which is capable to do so at just one revolution, this exercise is normally repeated many times in congested traffic wasting a significant amount of energy at a considerable cost to our environment. In a perfect world every one of us should be able to afford an appropriate vehicle and the energy to power them. This is possible with Engineair technology as we can manufacture vehicles that require fewer components and therefore less weight, enabling us to transport the intended object or person with minimal energy instead of wasting huge amount of energy to power current massive vehicles. Affordable, sustainable and non-polluting vehicles will create new employment opportunities and improved urban life style, we can produce vehicles for everyone in the world with considerable less impact on the environment, there’s no need for the vehicle to be small but just constructed more intelligently and lighter, style and comfort will still be included. There’s definitely no need for us to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3 seconds, I am sure most of us will be happy to begin our journey10 second earlier and still get there at the same time. Please use the following link http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/car-acceleration-d_1309.html to calculate the power required to power a car of 1500 kg from stand still to 100 km/h compared to a car of 300 kg from stand still to 50 km/h, this is perfect for city drive. I really think it is going to be easy for us to improve on this situation if our leaders were really genuinely interested to leave our kids a better world, with cleaner air and a safer mobility culture. Considering that a horse power is the equivalent power of a mature horse and that statistics shown that a horse of 600 Kg is capable to reach speed of up to 88 Km/h, this clearly shows that current vehicles with engines around 300 horse power are just a waste of precious resources. Based on the above you can see that with Engineair technology is possible to power a vehicle using up to 100 time less energy than current vehicles, and we can do so without burning any fuel. From an inventor point of view we are driven to innovate simply because we see a solution to the problem, given proper commercial relationship and support by private and government’s sectors innovation is the solution for current economic and environmental situation. For a non-technical person please note: Current vehicle on the road this days have an internal combustion Engine (ICE) that works as follows: Firstly takes the air from the ambient and compresses it, then the petrol or diesel is fired into the combustion chambers, this generates heat and this heat combined with compressed air is actually powering a vehicle, during such a process the all life on earth suffer badly. Please remember that the ingredients I mentioned above for a vehicle to function are compressed air and heat, that's all we need. In Engineair case we have exactly the same ingredients as above, compressed air and heat, the only difference in our case is that our motor does not burn any fuel and as result our technology do not suffocating our world, I cannot think of any other word worst than suffocating to describe how nasty the ICE really is for all lives. I am convinced that the management focus of all vehicles manufacturing company around the work is on profitability of the company and the environment is not even on the list. Considering that this has an effect on them as well, not very smart is it?

Company The Solution to Pollution by Engineair Pty Ltd Australia