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The Ice Stupa Project

Ice Stupa Artificial Glacier is an indigenous solution to solve the water crisis of Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

A water crisis has been plaguing the Himalayan region for decades. With global warming and receding glaciers, a shift in seasons has been causing erratic rain and snowfall in the Ladakh region of India. Most villages face acute water shortage, particularly during the two crucial months of April and May when there is little water in the streams and all the villagers compete to water their newly planted crops. By mid-June, there is an excess of water and even flash flooding due to the fast melting of the snow and glaciers in the mountains. By mid-September, all farming activities end, and yet a smaller stream flows throughout the winter steadily but wastefully going into the Indus river without being of use to anybody. The Ice Stupas aim to store this wasting winter water in the form of ice mountains that melt and feed the farms when water is most needed by the farmers.