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Technobank of Georgia

Technobank of Georgia develops innovations in the field of energy efficiency and climate change.

Two of our innovations received the diplomas of Energy Globe: in 2009 - economical combustion chamber with ejection effect and in 2015 - blades with jet incision. Details about our innovations can be found on the website: http://technogeo.ucoz.com/

Company Technobank of Georgia

Self-Propelled Electrotrimaran

Offer Self-Propelled Electrotrimaran

Electro-trimaran accumulates energy of waves by means of pontoons.

The electro-trimaran differs from usual that pontoons are connected to the case of boat not rigidly, but hinged - by means of bars and springs. Therefore pontoons can move concerning the case. One end of a bar incorporates to a gear of hydraulic mechanism which rotates a shaft of the generator. Hydraulic pistons are installed inside of springs such as shock-absorbers. During fluctuations of pontoons the air (or liquid) of these pistons is forced in special turbine which rotate a shaft of the generator. Depending on size of trimaran it is possible to use only hydraulic or only “ratchet” system. Thus energy of fluctuations of pontoons will be transformed to the electric power. Force of Arkhimedes working on pontoons is sufficient to develop the electric energy necessary for movement of a trimaran. Hence this trimaran will not require fuel. It is possible to establish on kiel of pontoons such small elerons which provide the moving of pontoons even at navigation during a full calm. This principle can be used both on catamaran and on the big boats. In case of the big ships the pontoons will be much less than cases of the ship. It was possible to invent such trimaran 100 more years ago. But the ships of such type are not present in one textbook or archive. This design cannot be weak in the small ships. If the suspension bracket of the automobile maintains the contact to the firm ground then the suspension bracket of pontoons should maintain the influence of soft water easily.

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Clean energy production


Eco Friendly Solar Panels

Offer Eco Friendly  Solar Panels

This solar tracker is the most ergonomic in the world.

The presented tracker solves several problems: 1. The tracker of this design is the cheapest in the world, because instead of the frame it has only one longitudinal axis - thus 4 times less steel is spent on the frame. In addition, this arrangement of the axes allows you to use one motor instead of two to rotate the panel both vertically and horizontally. 2. The frame is fragmented in such a way that enough sunlight passes between the segments so that scattered light illuminates the space under the tracker. It is obvious that the main problem is that the sunlight does not fall under the solar panels, as a result of which the plants die there. This problem can be solved in several ways: 1. High horizontal axis. 2. Panel segmentation 3. Mirrors above or between the panels. 1. The high horizontal axis allows penetrating the scattered rays of the sun under the panel throughout the day. Such diffused light is quite sufficient for those vegetables who do not like direct sunlight. 2. In the case of segmentation - between the segments of the panels it should be a little distance. In these gaps will pass the rays of the sun, as a result of which scattered reflections will illuminate almost the entire space under the panels. 3. In the case of using mirrors, the panels remain solid, but their rows need to be slightly removed from each other in order for the mirrors not to overshadow the panels of the next row. Mirrors can be located both above the panels and between them. Mirrors should be installed at such an angle that the sun's rays reflected under the front row of panels. Mirrors can be installed on the backs of the panels themselves, so that they reflect the light from the upper mirrors. Of course, all these innovations require additional costs. Segmented panels or high horizontal axis require more steel. And mirrors require extra plastic. But the cost of the frame can be reduced if instead of a quadrangular frame to use a single axis in the center of the panels. And the cost of the mirrors will pay off by the fact that under the panels it will be possible to grow vegetables and fruits, which will be irrigated with the water that is necessary for washing the panels. The effectiveness of a segmented panel can be increased if you install it on a two-axis tracker. The presented design has several advantages over others. The framework requires a minimum of steel, since one axis is used instead of the frame. In addition, small segments are more resistant to winds and create less stress on axles and gearboxes. In addition, this design allows you to use one motor instead of two to rotate the tracker both vertically and horizontally. Of course, mirrors can be used on segmented panels, too, but this will be superfluous, since the light scattered between the segments is quite enough for vegetables or forest grass, which prefer just partial shade. If there are no strong winds in this area, then it is possible to segment a single large panel without dividing it into parts. That is, the frame will be single, but the segments will be separated from each other. The choice of design depends on many circumstances. The most important criterion is likely to be that this design would be convenient for those plants that will be grown under the panels. https://growagoodlife.com/vegetables-that-grow-in-shade/

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