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Matthias Schwendimann



  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

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System-Alpenluft AG

Energy-efficient and fossil-free waste management.

System-Alpenluft rethinks waste management in new ways. We support you improving city logistics with discovering the potential in the waste management. Do you know how much energy is used to collect one ton of waste? We do. And would like to show you the way to a quiet, energy-efficient and fossil-free disposal service.



Fully electric waste management system

“Wasteloop” is a fully electric, pollution free, waste disposal system. The very silent electric drive of the vehicles work exceptionally energy efficient and allow for the disposal of waste during off-peak hours, as well as night time. Which in turn allows traffic during the day to flow smoothly and without the added burden of disposal vehicles underway. Thanks to local waste compaction and the electric drive, energy consumption can be reduced by 80%. The energy for the operation is detached from fossil fuels and can be fully covered by renewable energies (wind, water, sun or biomass energy). The waste compactors are accessible 24 hours a day at the collection point and can be used if so desired. In addition, “Wasteloop” does not empty waste containers by making a lot of noise, full compactors are simply replaced by an empty one and sent to the transfer station for emptying. This is a pleasure for residents and passersby. “Wasteloop” as a modular disposal system, is flexible to use and transports, using the universal vehicle, container of all kinds. In addition to waste compactors, containers and skips are also available for glass, paper, cardboard, rubble or other fractions. It is therefore possible and conceivable to use the electric vehicles also for tasks in the supply chain and thereby minimising downtime with any other kinds of transport. “Wasteloop” is a complete disposal system that offers new perspectives and makes municipalities more environmentally sustainable.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production

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Freight transportation, Communities infrastructures, Circular economy of solid wastes

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